Gelda Foods is a pioneer in manufacturing eggless bakery. Our bakery ranges from – naan bread, pound cakes, cookies, tea rusk, baklava, Middle Eastern pastries and eggless muffins. Gelda Bakery products are sold under our brand “Casablanca” and are now available in all Canadian supermarkets.

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With today’s consumer being more quality conscious about the food they eat our ISO certified laboratory ensures that the products we sell meet the highest level of food safety. Our grocery brands are Noor, Arjun and Divya amongst many others that we are a distributor for. Our grocery products are available in all major Canadian supermarkets.

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Gelda Foods manufactures and imports high quality frozen products and is manufacturing a #1 selling kulfi ice cream in Canada under the brand “Desi-licious” Our flavours range from Mango, Malai, Pista, and Faluda. In 2017, Gelda will be launching 3 new Indian Kulfi’s Coconut, Chai and Paan. Our Frozen products range from authentic samosas, naans, paranthas and Indian vegetables. Gelda Foods frozen products are now available in all major Canadian supermarkets.

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