Gelda Foods, a division of Gelda Scientific, manufactures, imports and distributes a comprehensive range of more than 800 high quality food items. In addition to servicing Restaurants, Banquet Halls, Hotels and Airlines, our products are also available in all major Supermarkets, Indian and Middle Eastern grocery stores.

Gelda Foods’ product line includes; Canned Goods, Spices, Flour, Basmati Rice, Mango Puree, Ashoka Frozen Vegetables, Parathas, Ready-to-eat Dinner Entrees, Maaza Tropical Juices, Butter Ghee, Gold Seal Vegetable Ghee, Vegetarian Cheeses (Rennet and Pepsin Free), Paneer, Roasted Cashews, Specialty Ice Creams – Kulfi (mango, malai, pista and faluda), Kontos Flat Breads, Cocktail Samosas, Puris and Rotis – plain and whole wheat, Vegetarian Cookies- Egg Free (almond, coconut, zeera, naan khathi), Cake Rusk, Tea Toast, and many more food stuffs of consistent freshness and high quality.

Serving the community for over 27 years, Gelda Foods has been a pioneer in bringing new and exciting products such as Paneer, Butter Ghee, Vegetarian Cheeses and Mango Ice Cream to the Canadian community.

Housing a state-of-the-art Ice Cream Plant, Oil Roasting Facility, and a large distribution warehouse we are able to manufacture, import and distribute our products to anywhere in North America. With today’s consumer being more quality

conscious about the foods they eat, our ISO Certified Laboratory ensures that the products we sell meet the highest level of standards.


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